Our goal at Two Rivers Outfitters is to provide the very best lodging and hunting ground that anyone could offer in Golden Triangle area of Illinois. Our camp can only accommodate eight hunters per week, which allows each hunter a higher success rate during their hunt. Our farms have a 140” minimum requirement, unlike some camps with lower minimal requirements, but by bringing up the minimum to 140”, it allows for an older age class of bucks....which is why hunters make the journey to Illinois every fall. TRW has no trophy fees what-so-ever in it’s operation, therefore my friends, there are no hidden costs and you know exactly what to expect before rolling into camp. 

Jonathan Belcher
Lead Guide

JB loves everything that rotates around managing TRW and patterning big Illinois whitetails.  When it’s not deer season, he is planning for the upcoming fall with new stand locations, running trail cameras, and prepping food plot locations. Needless to say, TRW’s hunting season only lasts for a few short months, but JB’s devoted nature keeps him thinking ahead and working year round to make your stay and hunt with us the best humanly possible.  As a valuable member of the team, he knows the awesome rewards of a LOW VOLUME, LOW PRESSURE hunting camp.  For our friends that hunted with us in the past, know that there is much more we can say about JB's willingness to get you tagged out!  

Frank Belcher III

Frank is a Marine Veteran who was born and raised hunting South Georgia with his Dad and Brother. Like hunters from all across this great land, he dreamed of hunting the best area that the Land of Lincoln had to offer. Thus TRW was born with the vision of offering an awesome opportunity to other like minded hunters by putting together an amazing camp, over-the-top farms, and an impressive staff. His vision is to keep the camp small so your success rate is high. Just as he served our Country, he and his crew will work hard for you by making your stay with them as comfortable and successful as possible.   

Greg George
Land Management Specialist

Greg is a third generation farmer from Greene County, Illinois and knows how to outsmart the big Illinois bucks that our area is known for. To his credit, he has harvested four Boone and Crocket bucks along with an impressive line up of twelve Pope and Young bucks. If you ask him how he accomplished this impressive line up, he will be quick to tell you how he loves to manage the ground and our deer herd to maximize it’s potential. When it comes to placing quality food sources, Greg knows what it takes to draw and keep big Illinois bucks within bow range. He truly is a vital part of TRW’s success in ground preparation for the fall and we all know that preparation is the key to success!

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